We have completed 36% of the season. Patterns are developing

We are reminded every week that the NFL is extremely unpredictable. Most fans look at the schedule when it is released and immediately declare the wins and losses the Cowboys will have for the upcoming season. As if nothing has changed in the off-season. Every week the NFL reminds us that this is a very fluid and unpredictable league.

After last night’s gritty win vs the chargers, the Cowboys have completed approximately 36% of the season. Think about that. 64% of the season lies in front of us. And although we are still trying to figure out what this team is and can be, we can see some patterns developing. The key word is developing because every team develops as the season progresses.

Here are some patterns I see with Cowboys (and other rivals) so far- good and not so good.

  • The Cowboys best side of the ball is their defense. And it is not a great defense…yet. Still developing some young players.
  • The offense is struggling to find its rhythm. But remember, this is a NEW offense and it appears to me the players are still trying to figure it out. But it’s time to step up.
  • The Cowboys running game so far has been anemic. Is it the OL? The RBs? Both?
  • The Cowboys have found a reliably outstanding kicker in Brandon Aubrey.
  • The Cowboys have a penalty problem. (No the refs are not “out to get us”) The lack of discipline is a real problem.
  • Opposing offenses have found ways to negate Micah Parsons at times. Can Dan Quinn find ways to respond?
  • The eagles are 5-1 but they have problems too. Jalen Hurts has thrown 7 interceptions (3 more than Dak) and they have some mounting injuries.
  • The Cowboys are still trying to figure themselves out. This is a different team than last year.

We have completed 36% of the season. This team (and all NFL teams) are evolving and developing. Don’t look at the rest of the schedule and pick wins and losses. None of us know what is going to happen. And that makes it very entertaining!

There are lots of other patterns. What are some you see?

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