Some Things to Do and Not Do to Build a Championship Roster Here

It’s been nearly three decades since we have built a roster that came close as a conference championship game. Some things need to change.

Here are some things we can do and also avoid to put together a roster that can compete again for a championship:

  • Never assume because you were “good” last year, you will be next year. Look at your roster with a skeptical eye. Where do we need to get better? Ask the q- “What does our team lack?“
  • Be willing to take risks- You can’t get better being safe all the time. No need to be reckless but be open to trades or an occasional big FA- Be open even for a trade of some of your better players if it makes you better for next year.
  • No one is untouchable except Micah Parsons. Micah is the only untouchable player on this roster right now. Tyron Smith (a guy I greatly respect) is a guy who is still here for sentimental reasons. He needs to go.
  • Don’t get sentimental about any single player. This kills us way too often. See Tyron Smith. See Zeke. This is the most sentimental front office in football. That’s nice. But it doesn’t win playoff games.
  • Always be open to improve at every position. Don’t be afraid to draft at a position you think you’re set. Look at what SF did by drafting Brock Purdy this year. They already had Trey Lance and Jimmy G. We never do things like this.
  • It takes the draft, trades and FA to build a championship roster. Takes all three. We have drafted well but it’s not enough. The “draft and development model” is at least a decade behind the times. You can’t win a championship that way now.

Obviously this is an incomplete list. But we cannot continue to do the same things year after year and expect to change the same results we’ve been getting the last 27 seasons.

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