Vikings played to our strength

Minnesota was one of the better balanced football teams that we've face as far as passing and running games. However, I think the Vikings made a mistake not just trying to run us over. It wasn't like Cook was having trouble gaining rushing yards against us. However, instead of sticking with the run early, the Vikings would try to pass on second-and-long or third-and-longer than 2. They thought their passing game was good enough to match up with our pass rush, but it wasn't.

Green Bay showed the formula teams need to use to try to beat us. Hammer us with the run to draw one-on-one matchups in the secondary and go for a few big plays when you get those matchups. I think we'll see something closer to that from the Giants (but Daniel Jones is no Aaron Rodgers), and from other opponents as well. If they learn nothing from the Vikings game is that you don't abandon the run against us and even try to lean on it more than you normally would.

Of course, if our defense shows it can handle that, then look out.

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