Just For Fun Game 11 NYG at Dallas


OK short week so putting this up now before I forget. Give people time to see and play.

then will work on grading this last game and will post on other thread game 10.

LINK below.

12 Nov. 24 vs. New York Giants 3:30 p.m. Fox JERRY DOME

results for game 10 and season ( not up yet lol but this is where they will be soon)


Bonus Questions 2 points each

1. Which one has more pass completions >jones or dak?

2. Will Dallas have 27 or more rush attempts? – LESS

3. Which team has the longest pass play?

4. Which team scores first in 2nd half ? – DALLAS

Dallas 0



Just to clarify this game ends with game 17, and any playoff game will

be new to allow anyone a chance to win that .

if you need clarification on these questions ask before game day.


Bonus for 5-15 points

Predict the score

All below are added to the 7 points for correct winning score predictions

1.Exact on 1 and off on 1 = 5 points

2.Exact on both = 15 points


Here is what your post should look like

no quote or comment above, put those below answer 3

Dallas 0



1. Answer

2. Answer

3. Answer


if quote move it down put answers above it. ( I will subtract points for quotes above your answers)

I have not clarified on if someone wants

to change their post /prediction/ answers.

What you can do is quote your 1st post, as you did, but then put cursor in front of the

first [QUOTE , and hit enter to move it down, then new answers above at the top.

That way I can just copy the new post not the quote.


just make whole new post and below that say your changing

your prediction, it helps to say your changing, otherwise I would think it is your only post.

but the quote thing works too, just move it down and post new one above it .


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