Thoughts about the Colts!

Haven't seen much of the AFC South Teams, here is what I've heard about the Colts:


-Clearly the best unit is their Defense. Have 2 players to worry about along the DL: Buckner who we all remember with the 49ers and Ngakoue. Both players can give the Cowboys troubles. Their all pro linebacker Leonard is out for the season.

-They like to use overload blitzes, they will try to confuse our Tackles which man they have in protection.

-Stephon Gilmore like Patrick Peterson a few weeks ago, isn't the same player, the Cowboys can have success going after him. They also will be starting a backup corner on the other side, just like Minnesota needed to do.


-Jonathan Taylor can potentially be a game wrecker for the Cowboy Defense. However, their OL has struggled throughout the season in both the run and the pass. Still another legitimate challenge for our run defense.

-Colts receivers jump out at you with their size and length. Pittman, Pierce, Woods are huge targets. Pittman is the best out of the group, where Diggs should matchup well against. Pierce is the one who can beat you down the field.

-Due to inability to protect, the Colts passing attack is underneath without much of a deep, passing game. Ryan isn't very mobile and takes a ton of sacks.

-Pretty much the same strategy as last week, take away the run, win the game. I bet the Colts will have a similar game plan as the Giants, try to have Ryan do a lot of bootlegs and quick passes to stay away from the Cowboys pass rush. They will try to loosen up the defense with an early shot down the field. Force them to score points.

Special Teams

-Nothing of note to discuss.

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