Thoughts about the Packers!

I have a chance to watch several Packers games this yr: both NY Games, New England, Bucs, Bills. Yes, the Packers are on a 5 game losing streak, but Rodgers has owned the Cowboys throughout his career and you know he will be very motivated to beat his old coach.


-Packers Defensive is loaded with talent but they haven't played well as a team this season.

-They just like the Cowboy D, struggle stopping the run. Their safeties are poor tacklers in space.

-Alexander is one of the better corners in the league, Douglas has strong ball skills.

-Pass rush lost their best edge rusher in Gary, but are very stout up the middle.

-Packers struggle scoring points, get a lead and they could be in some trouble.


-Believe it or not, Packers struggle badly throwing the football. Don't take too many deep shots and they drop a ton of passes. Cowboys must watch out for those quick passes and screens.

-Lazard is probably the only receiver Rodgers fully trusts. He is the one receiver to key on. They also have a good receiving TE.

-They have a very good ground attack with 2 capable backs. Jones is more of the outside runner, where Dillion is their power back. Cowboys D must do a better job containing the edge or they will struggle. Really believe if the Cowboys have success against their run, they will win this game!

-Be careful with Rodgers games with 12 men on the field and instances where he will try to draw players offsides, he is a master of this.

-Their OL is close to full health, our front still has the talent to beat them.

Special Teams

-I saw the Jets block a punt, might be a good idea to try to do the same.

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