What I believe and don’t believe

I believe the Cowboys are the 3rd best team in the NFC

I believe the Any Given Sunday mantra: we can beat any team, including the Eagles and 49ers if things fall the right way

I believe Dak Prescott is a good to very good QB. He is not a great QB

I believe teams can win a Super Bowl with good to very good QB's

I believe Mike McCarthy is a good coach. He is not a great coach.

I believe you can win a Super Bowl with a good coach

I believe Kellen Moore is a good to very good OC. The record on offense since he's become OC speaks for itself.

I believe he is not perfect, as many people here demand. He does make mistakes during games

I believe that those who don't like him will regret it when he moves on to coach somewhere else and the Cowboys get another OC

I believe the people in charge of collecting talent have done a good job. It can always be better. But you can't have double digits wins in consecutive seasons without good personnel. The people upstairs get credit for that.

I believe this team CAN win a Super Bowl this year.

But I don't believe they WILL win a Super Bowl this year. This is based on over a quarter century of history.

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