This team has done some good things. What it should do now to take the next step

Whatever any Cowboys fan may feel after another disappointing end to a season, this team has done some very good things in the last five years. Here’s a quick review of the positives:

  • Making the playoffs in back to back years for the first time in 15 years
  • Making the playoffs in 3 of the last 5 seasons, going 2-2.
  • Won a road playoff game for the first time in 30 seasons.
  • Drafts have improved the last 5 years, giving us 13 of our 22 starters from the last 5 drafts.
  • We improved our defense from the worst in team history to one of the best in the NFL in 2 years.
  • Hired a real NFL head coach. Whatever you think of Mike McCarthy, he’s way better than Jason Garrett who apparently can’t get a head coaching job at any level.

BUT…let’s also put this in context with some of this organization’s BAD habits and results the last three decades.

  • Since our last SB appearance in the 1995 season, the Cowboys have made the playoffs only 12 of the last 27 seasons (about 40%)
  • In the first 36 seasons of Cowboys football, the team won 31 playoff games. In the last 27, they have won 5.
  • Two of the team’s biggest division rivals have been to 5 Super Bowls with 4 different head coaches and 4 different QBs since the Cowboys last won a divisional playoff game.
  • Teams winning conference championships and SBs tend to be more aggressive these days.

So…what must this organization do NOW to take the next step to more seriously pursue a championship?

  • If this organization feel like it is CLOSE to a championship, it MUST be willing to to take some risks in Free Agency, and not act like the “future cap“ is their master. The draft alone is no longer enough.
  • We should pursue 2 impactful FAs at certain key positions where our weaknesses are clear. Such as interior DLinemen, OL, maybe WR.
  • Be more open to making impactful trades too.
  • Go for it now if you’re close. Makes zero sense not to!

Bottom Line: If this front office feels we’re really close to a championship they should GO FOR IT!!! Why wouldn’t you? If they don’t feel we are close, ok…then be conservative. If we keep doing what we’ve been doing, why are we going to get better results?

I honestly believe this off-season will determine if we make the playoffs for the third straight year or fall back to the old habits of making the playoffs 40% of the time.

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