Will McClay is more valuable than any coach here

Look, I don’t want to lose Dan Quinn, but he’s likely gone if he wants a HC job. Which is exactly what reliable Cowboys insiders like David Moore and Bob Sturm have reported this week. It’s not about the money for him now- it’s about being a HC again.

But losing assistant coaches is a normal occurrence when your team is winning. Over the great history of this franchise, we have lost some great assistants to head coaching jobs. Dan Reeves, Mike Ditka, Gene Stallings, Dave Wannstedt, Butch Davis, Sean Payton, just to name a few. It’s a normal occurrence when your team is winning. I expect no amount of Jerry money can keep Dan Quinn if he has the head coaching bug again.

Will McClay is the guy we can least afford to lose. The quality of drafts and player personnel improvements over the last decade is a straight line to McClay. The much improved talent level of this organization is due To McClay’s ability to scout and identify talent.

Put it this way – Without Will McClay, this organization is back to fantasy football drafts with Jerry and Giggles. Remember the “special teams draft“ of 2009? Remember the WR trades for Joey Galloway and Roy Williams?

If that gives you a sick feeling like me, we all need to pray Jerry either decides to name WIll McClay the new GM of the Cowboys or that McClay continues to want to be the man in the shadows while Jerry and Giggles get the “credit”.

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