Hendershot Finding Niche Outside of the TE Position?

I posted about Hendershot earlier this year having the ability to help the offense after our sluggish start in the opener. Most people who replied in that thread had a good laugh at my expense. So it's nice to get the last laugh here, because I mentioned in that post that Hendershot could help the offense as a passing weapon, but I also mentioned he has the skills to be a backfield player in the running game as a blocker, runner, receiver and pre-snap motion piece.

At the end of the day, it's not about my previous assessment, it's more about the Cowboys FO and scouting staff have been doing a good job up front, and then the coaches on the backend being optimistic/open-minded enough to give him a role outside of his previously projected role as solely a TE.

Kudos to Kellen Moore and Lunda Wells here.

Hendershot helps the offense because he's a load, you have to account for him. One negative in his scouting report was that he goes down too easily. But I looked at the tape and that's the case, sometimes, but not always. And he has room and the ability to improve there.

Like Sam Williams, he also comes off as a nice guy when he speaks. And his draft stock was killed after the criminal charges were levied against him from a previous relationship. This probably wouldn't have phased me if I was in charge, because I know the nature of our system and society and have a pretty good grasp on psychology in general and how things go with these kinds of allegations, which are often merely control tactics women use when they don't get their way.

But I'm really rooting for Hendershot as a player, because he has the ability to turn into something special as a player and he apparently is a hard worker on the field.

On top of Hendershot, Jake Ferguson is also impressive. I suspected that would be the case. But after the draft, I couldn't decide which prospect had more potential between Hendershot and Ferguson. I still can't call that 100 percent, but I do think Hendershot has a slightly higher ceiling becuase he has the potential to be a more diverse player who can play TE, FB, H-back and ST.

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