Solidify Your Roster; Make One More Splash Move

The draft is over, but certainly we didn’t get that close last year and decide we are done now, did we?

If I’m Jerry, I would hand the reigns over to McClay, McCarthy, Quinn, and scouting team from here. Let’s figure out a way to get better, and lessen the cap, if we can. For some reason, I smell one or two more free agent additions. If reducing the cap cannot be done, we need to find the weakest link and upgrade it. Add one more weapon, or one more guy to bolster the line.

Would it be totally stupid to have a guy like Henry? No, not in my mind, especially because you could give him a reduced load. Will they do it? I’m not sure enough about the contract details and real-world possibilities.

Even bringing in the best defensive tackle on the market, or making another Hankins-like trade would be great. We got bigger and stronger against the run, but one more run-stopping guy in the middle would be the cherry on top. That’s the move I would like to see them make. It all starts with the run, even in the Super Bowl, as we saw last year.

It just so happens that the two most effective passers from last year also had the two most effective run games….

We need a kicker, a possible 3rd QB; don’t pull a San Fran like last year, and we need another veteran FA who adds stability to either line or another weapon for Dak. But we need one more cherry on top here from Jerry and I think even the most pessimistic fans would possibly finally give the guy the break I think he’s earned the past few years, because he was finally smart enough to allow McClay to do the bulk of the important work. He’s still an egofreak. But checking himself some has paid off, and the results are much better.

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