Fixing the Cowboys for 2024

Let’s talk about what it will take to build this team into a true contender for a championship. So…What does this team need (besides a new GM?, lol) In order to fix this team’s many weaknesses, here are my big picture roster recommendations:

  • Before talking about any specific player, the first thing this team needs OVERALL is to recognize they aren’t as close as they like to think. This team is STILL way too soft, too small on defense, not nasty enough at DL, and still incapable of imposing its will on either side of the ball. DT, LB, OL, and RB are huge needs for this team.
  • Everyone talks about needing another QB. And honestly, I’m ready to consider that. Dak is not as bad as way too many here think, but sometimes when your QB can’t seem to raise his level of play in the biggest moments, it becomes that much harder to make it happen the next time. BUT…then I start thinking about who will be his replacement? Ugh. It’s not that easy.
    • Trey Lance? Are we willing to just throw him the keys without any test drive? The guy the niners gave up on is our new starter? I’m not ready to say that.
    • The draft? Don’t see how with the 24th pick we can be reasonably sure that can produce someone who can step in and win playoff games. Besides the Jones front office somehow refuses year after to even consider drafting a QB early.
    • Cooper Rush? Please.
    • I wouldn’t mind seeing a trade for Dak because I guarantee there are teams who would like his services. He would have to approve it but he may be ready to consider it. I would if I were him. But his contract situation is complicated. If Dak would approve a trade to a willing partner in a “sign and trade” type deal, some teams might do that for a first round pick.
    • But again…who is your QB then?
  • For everyone screaming for Dak to go…have you thought this through? I’m tired of watching Dak suck in big games but do we have better options with this front office?
  • This next point is big IMO. The biggest need for this team is for guys who can bring a physical and tough presence. And those positions of need include DT, LB, G, C and Tackle. Because watching that packer team completely dominate the LOS and impose their physical will on a supposedly better team was eye opening. Remember the Buffalo game? The bills just rammed it down our throats all day long. It was like watching a bully steal lunch money.
    • Only a blind homer would say the Cowboys are a physical team. We aren’t.
    • For those saying our defense dominated at times last year, I say not unless two things happened: 1. We get multiple turnovers and 2. Got a two score lead. When this team had to rely on its defense to keep them in the game while behind, it could not do it.
    • The running game was anemic all year. We need an upgrade to the OL and a new RB.

There are tons of players that could help this team. But as I watch the playoff games this weekend, it seems pretty clear the Cowboys – as they are currently constructed – are NOT that close.

The guy who is the dominant face of this franchise by design has had three decades to build a roster he selected, and coached by coaches he is “comfortable” with. And we have 4 wild card wins to show for all that. I only bring this up to remind us that when he says “we are close”, forgive me if I don’t have any confidence in that statement.

We need to get bigger, tougher and if many fans have their way, miraculously find a QB who is an improvement. That’s a tall order. But it starts with being honest, something this front office never seems to do. The Star needs a lot of mirrors these days when it comes to figuring out the problems. But they CAN be fixed if they recognize what they really need.

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