The team that controls the LOS has the best chance to win

It’s FOOTBALL 101…The team that controls the line of scrimmage has the best chance to win. You can have all the flashy skill positions guys- even a great QB. If you can’t win in the trenches, you won’t win that many football games.

Put it in even simpler terms- Football is a game of blocking and tackling. The teams that do those two things best are always in the best position to win.

  • Which team Sunday night most often controlled the line of scrimmage? Tampa Bay.
  • Which team controlled the los in our WC playoff game last January vs. SF? SF did.
  • Last year’s SB- what was the final deciding factor in the rams ability to win that game? The rams DL led by Aaron Donald was able to control the bengals OL and put pressure on Burrow.

Yes our QB was pathetic Sunday. Our receivers looked lost and unable to get open very often. Our running game was occasionally there, but we were too far behind to be able to stay with it.

Tyler Smith had a pretty good game Sunday so that is hopeful. Maybe Jason Peters can help. But our D-line must improve. Yeah Parsons as a pass rusher is great but he MUST improve his run stopping role.

If we don’t get better in the trenches, and get better at tackling, it won’t matter who’s under center.

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