I think it’s Kellen Moore

Moore was not the genius people thought. He may be able to read defenses quickly on the field. But that don’t mean he can draw up NFL plays.

He has the same game plan and if our talent on the field can execute it against the opposing defense then we look good and win. I know that some will say yeah thats the way it works. But he is not a situational playcaller and for sure not a situational game planner.

If we don’t get 10 yards a run then he will abandon it. He panics and goes straight pass. Now when we had 3 top WR on the field he could make it work when the QB has time.

Last year… the same game plan we had the talent until injuries. Dak and Elliot and some O-Line. Time to change things up. Nope.

This season he knew our WR corps was not strong. Game plan. The same anyways.

He should have had a field day using the TEs.. We have 3 descent ones and can block. How much did we use 12 personnel. Use the 12 personnel and power run the football and use the TEs on short passes. Play action off that. You have the TEs this year. Furgy and Hendershot can play. They can set up blocks and move the ball.

JJ screwed us on the roster and a good OC and HC should be able to adjust. Unless he is wanting this to happen to fire them at the end of year. He will have to use 1st round pick to get Peyton.

Moore use your dang head and make it work, don’t make it easy on JJ. And if he does fire you then you can get a job somewhere else. MM fire philibin and get Colombo back, take the playcalling and power run. You don’t have rogers anymore.

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