Pro-Dakkers please don’t read. Fox Sports says Dak not as talented as Kirk Cousins

As the title says…if you are a PRO Dakker…stop here and leave, or at least don’t comment. I pledge no negativity on Pro Dak threads…so please allow us Cowboy fans who don’t like Dak-The-Quarterback a place to voice our displeasure without getting attacked. Thank you.

Joy (forgot last name, but pretty lady reporter at Fox Sports) states Dak is good enough to win regular season games and build up stats, but "he just isn’t TALENTED ENOUGH to win a superbowl, or even get to one"

She says his skill as a QB isn’t even as good as Kirk Cousins is…(not a huge gap, but definitely below him).

She echoes what most of us feel: these are wasted years….Unless you are content just being competitive and maybe winning a wild card game a couple times every 5 years, that is. And maybe that’s all some people need….like the SNL skit from the 80’s "Lowered Expectations".

It feels like those of us who feel this way already know how this bad movie ends….but the problem is this bad movie could easily last another 8 years or more. Dak will be the last QB some cowboy fans on here ever see!

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