Offensive Line Deep Dive: PS Game 2

Once again I bring you all a deep dive of the OL. Dallascowboys app has the whole commercial free game, and I encourage you to do your own research.

I went back and watched every snap about 10-12 times, looking at each offensive lineman at least twice.

1st half OL was:

– Asim Richards at LT

– Hoffman at LG (Farniok was last week)

– Farniok at C (Hoffman was last week)

– Ball/Bass at RG

– Waletzgo/Taylor Prileau at RT (Waletzko got injured early)

2nd half OL was:

– Bostick Jr at LT

– Hoffman/Richards at LG

– Farniok at C

– Ball/Bass at RG

– Taylor Prileau at RT

I’m listing these guys in order of how well I think they played…buckle up. I’ll list all the 2nd team guys first cause it’s unfair to compare the 3rd stringers

Asim Richards – Tied for Best OL of the game (as a tackle only!!). Y’all…this guy is really good. LT just looks so easy for him. He NEVER once got beat inside and he did an excellent job pushing outside rushers upfield. Pancaked like 6 guys throughout the game, including one play where he packaged his man, Hoffman, and Hoffmans man haha. He recovers so fast when moves are put on him. He’s so good I wouldn’t even move Tyler Smith if Tyron got hurt. Just play Asim cause he’s pretty awesome. Not there as a guard yet. Glad he’s getting practice, but he needs to get stronger. Frankly got blown up as a guard a couple times due to strength issues. This guy is BY FAR your best backup tackle, though I’ve never seen him play the right side.

Josh Ball – Also tied for best OL of the game. I’ve been so wrong about this guy. I think he pancaked more people than anyone and did probably best overall in pass pro keeping a clean pocket. Maybe I saw one play where he got beat, but it was a quick throw. He is just so much in control of his body at all times. Some of you guys are brainwashed into hating Ball and in fairness you should…as a tackle. As a guard, well this is our best backup guard and it’s not even remotely close. This guy has a future here.

Matt Farniok – I think Farniok is better as a Center than a guard. No idea why. He did have that premature snap, and he does get turned here and there, but I think it’s a strength issue. He’s very aware and is good at assisting and doubling guys. He’s our best backup center, but I wouldn’t call him a great backup. He’s not as good as Ball or Richards, who stay very square against their blocks and instantly recover when off balance. Farniok should continue to improve as he gets stronger.

Taylor Prileau – Yes…that just happened. I ranked a 3rd stringer higher than the remaining 2nd stringers. I’m not saying this guy was amazing, but he did better than Waletzko. He did get beat inside a couple times on pass rushes and whiffed on a run block once, but he was actually pretty stout. Call me a heretic, but I’m kinda rooting for Waletzko to go on PUP so this guy makes the 53. He’s 26, so he’s not foreign to any of this, and maybe starters will eat his lunch, but he STILL had a better game than the remaining 2nd stringers. Had one holding call that was a bit ticky-tack

Matt Waletzgo – This guy was my pet cat last year, but I just don’t see it. Mind you I thought he played better a little better this week, but he got beat inside about 3-4x which is saying something cause he was out early in this game with a shoulder injury. Maybe the right side just isn’t his bag. He got beat bad to the outside one play and that got the ball swatted and Rush knocked hard, and I’m 95% sure that’s when he hurt his shoulder. You can see him shaking his arm after that play testing it. I think he seemed a bit more in control of his body this game, but I just don’t think he has the quickness to make it long term. My least favorite play of his was when he literally backed up all the way into Rush before the DE engaged him.

Hoffman – Im done with this experiment. Hoffman is objectively awful. As a center, as a guard. Doesn’t matter. He should identify as a revolving door because he gets turned like every 4th play. Gave up pressures, sacks, holding penalty, hands to face penalty, and frankly just looks like a guy that has no business being on that field. I’d take TJ Bass over him. This guy has 0 strength. His initial ‘punch’ looks like he’s trying to give the Holy Spirit to people, and he cannot keep a clean pocket if the qb needs to hold the ball for more than a second. Both times we were on their 35 and got backed out of field goal range was basically all on him. If this guy makes the 53 I will lose my mind. Hopefully Chuma comes back soon and makes this easy. I’ll say one nice thing. He had one nice pancake against a LB after pulling on one play. There. I’m nice.

3rd stringers

Taylor-Prileau – Played well. Assessment is above but wanted to reinforce he is technically a 3rd stringer and only came in when W got hurt. Best of the 3rd stringers though IMO

Earl Bostick Jr – Played pretty solid as a 3rd stringer. I think you gotta get this guy on your practice squad. There’s a lot of potential there. He needs…well…everything. Strength, technique, etc. BUT he has some pretty exciting raw talent and natural ability. He could be better than Taylor-Prileau by seasons end

T.J. Bass – Bass is interesting. He is BY FAR the quickest guy on the line. Sometimes he went to the second level so fast it kinda messed up the play. He really looks super light on his feet, and that’s kinda the problem. He looks light….as in not heavy. He moved like a TE but also looked like he had that strength level at times. He gets pushed back alot but with strength he could be special. He seems very aware in double teams and what his assignment is and really shines getting to the second level. If he had more power I’d be lobbying for him on the 53. He’s just not there yet IMO.

Lindstrom – Never saw him swap with Farniok. Not even sure he played

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