The fastest way we could build a real contender

Most of us watched that SB game Sunday night and thought, “As currently constructed, our roster isn‘t nearly good enough to compete with these teams.” We have quite a ways to go to be on that level.

So what would be the fastest way we could be able to build a roster that is complete enough to compete for a championship? (I didn’t say “BEST” way. I said “fastest“ way) I know many Cowboys fans will say “Get a new QB”, but we know that isn’t happening. Others will say, “Get a new GM.” Sadly, that isn’t happening anytime soon either. So what can we do this off-season?

Here are two things we must first understand:

  • Without a great QB, you must have a great defense. Period. Or at least one that can get critical stops in critical moments. Dak is a good QB IMO, just not a great one. You can win playoff games with him with a great defense. Without it, forget it.
  • Without a great QB, you must also have a very good running game. Thats a non-negotiable. A good running game takes a lot off your QB and also allows your defense to rest while your offense eats some clock.

So…with that in mind, here’s what we must do this off-season to get to that next level:

  • Either by draft or FA- acquire at least 2 excellent starting LBs. Big enough to stop the run but quick enough to drop back into some coverages. We cannot go into 2024 with small LBs anymore.
  • Either by draft or FA- acquire at least 2 excellent DTs. Big, strong run stuffers than can start and be effective immediately. No Day 3 developmental projects. Either first or second rounders that are plug and play and/or one stud FA. I Know lots of people like Hankins as a re-sign FA but he’s just ok. We like him because he’s better than anything we’ve had but that doesn’t make him great or indispensable.
  • Either by draft or FA- acquire at least 1 excellent starting OL. Our OL is aging and injury prone (Tyron, Zack Martin and Terrance Steele have all missed games last two years) and we are probably losing Tyler Biadaz to FA. We need to either draft a good C or develop one who’s already here and draft another young starter.
  • Either by draft of FA- acquire an excellent starting RB- Pollard is likely gone (too expensive) and they misused him last yr anyway. He’s best when he has 12-15 touches max. I would draft a RB in rounds 3-5 that can play right away and pair him with an affordable vet FA in a committee approach. Our current guys like Rico Dowdle, Malik Davis and Deuce Vaughn are not worth much IMO. Maybe keep one.
  • Make some key June 1 cuts to save cap space.
    • Cut Michael Gallup. No brainer.
    • Cut Cooper Rush. Trey Lance is now the backup and will need lots of preseason action.
    • Cut LVE. He’s a big injury risk and won’t cost much to cut but will save some.
    • Cut Nashon Wright. He’s terrible. That simple.
    • Several others not mentioned

So in short, in order for this team to put together a true contender that can seriously compete in the playoffs, we need to get much better on defense, (need 2 top notch LBs and 2 quality DTs that are ready to play NOW) and much better in the running game (add a quality OL and 2 good RBs that can start and play well NOW) Add improved coaching too.

The changes above give us a chance. Running it back without the above changes? Not a chance.

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