The roster building messages the SB teams made clear to Cowboys last night

While watching that great SB game last night played by two excellent teams, there were some clear messages sent about how to build a Super Bowl roster. If only the Cowboys front office could ever de-code them we would have a better chance to play in a SB again.

Here are some of those roster building messages:

  • Just having a great QB without some dominating players in the defensive trenches is not enough. This is a fundamental truth the Jones boys never seem to understand. Yes having a Pat Mahomes is HUGE. But without that great DL the chiefs don’t win that SB. Below are some great, even dominating QBs that underperformed in the playoffs because they did not have a great D.
    • Aaron Rodgers– won only one SB because he didn’t have enough help on defense. That simple.
    • Peyton Manning- an all time great that won 2 SBs, but lost a bunch of AFC championships and a SB because until he was with the broncos, he didn’t have a great D.
    • Dan Marino- arguably the greatest passer in NFL history but never won a SB because he never had a great D.
    • Joe Burrow- he’s great. But if the bengals don’t get a better D around him, he’s another Marino.
    • Putting this point another way, if the Cowboys had Mahomes vs the pack in January, we only lose 48-45, lol.
  • Toughness matters a ton. Both the niners and chiefs are physically tough as nails. The niners are the most physical team in the NFL. Their defense punishes opponents. The chiefs are also physically tough. Their defense was vastly underrated this year. The mental toughness of the chiefs to stay in the game despite their offense being sluggish is testament to their mental toughness.
  • Having a defense capable of keeping you in the game until the offense comes alive. The chiefs D kept them in the game when their offense was terrible the first half. How many times did we see Dallas‘ defense crumble while the offense was struggling.

So what are the implications for the Cowboys?

  1. Get better in the front 7 on defense. We need some major help at DL, LB. Secondary is ok. (Everyone screams for a new QB but unfortunately that ain‘t happening now and even if it was, we don’t have enough defensive support for any QB)
  2. Get better at OL and RB. We desperately need a running game.
  3. Stop wasting second round picks on medical or mental rehabs because the GM wants to look smart. Draft guys that can play NOW.

As I watched that SB last night, it was crystal clear that the Cowboys aren’t nearly as close as we fans want to believe. The most important upgrade these team needs right now is some dominating beasts at DT and LB and an improved running game. There will be no cavalry rescue of this team at QB next year. So better get a better D and running game or even if we had Mahomes he couldn’t save this team.

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