Comparing Brandin Cooks to OBJ

The acquisition for WR Brandin Cooks is another good off-season move for the Cowboys. We got him for essentially 5th and 6th round picks, and Hou has apparently agreed to pay a chunk of Cooks’ salary next year. Cooks is a consistently solid receiver who came into the league the same time as Beckham. (I wanted to compare him with OBJ because of all the talk about getting Beckham this off-season)


Brandin Cooks

Age Receptions Yards TDs Yds per Rec. Yds per game
29 630 8,616 49 13.7 65.3

Odell Beckham, Jr.

Age Receptions Yards TDs Yds per Rec. Yds per game
30 531 7,367 56 13.9 76,7

Some quick comparisons outside of stats-

  • Cooks is a little younger than Beckham by less than a year. (He was younger entering the draft)
  • Cooks is about an inch shorter
  • Beckham was faster coming into the league.
  • Cooks is considered a dependable route runner with great hands.
  • Cooks has been more durable than Beckham.

This is a very good acquisition!

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