The Difference Between Rush and Dak

How have the Cowboys won all three games started by Cooper Rush since 2021? I rewatched the Monday Night game and it just hit me out of nowhere. The playcalling stands out.

Not saying Kellen Moore has been perfect here by any stretch of the imagination, but overall he has done a great job of allowing Rush to play within himself, manage the game, and make enough big throws to keep defenses honest. While I take nothing away from Rush, how many times have the Cowboys achieved such great run-pass balance with Prescott in the lineup?

Let me use one play as an example: the 3rd and 12 toss sweep to Zeke that gained a first down. That was a smart play on so many levels. The fact it was executed perfectly against the defense the Giants were in was a bonus. But even if Zeke only got four or five yards, it was a safe call that kept the ball out of harms way and would have given Dallas more room to punt if it failed.

But what if Dak was out there? They most likely would have been in a five wide formation with nobody in the backfield; exposing a rookie like Tyler Smith or an inexperienced Matt Farniok to deal with a potential blitzer that would have put Dak under instant pressure and it likely would have led to an imcompletion, sack, or pick. Then the anti Dak crowd would have had a field day.

The problem now is the longer Rush has to play the chances of him being less effective increase. Teams are getting film of him now and sooner or later defenses are going to start taking away what he does best. When that happens, let's see what Kellen Moore can dial up. Because even I have been blaming Moore for everything, and now I think he deserves a little more credit than most are giving him.

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