Can the Cowboy Go 2 Out of Their Next 3?

The Cowboys have bounced back since their first week loss against the Bucs with Cooper Rush beating both Cincinatti and New York in what some would call two upset wins.

Now that the Cowboys have established an identity early on, I think it's possible for them to latch onto that identity and come out of the next three games with at least two wins. I believe they should be able to beat the Commanders as well as one of the two out of the Eagles and Rams.

I think the Eagles are good. But I think they are slightly overrated, and teams will figure them out down the stretch. On the other hand, I see our offense only getting better by the time we play them, especially if they just stick with Cooper Rush for now.

There's really no reason to change things right now. I'm as thrilled as I can be about Cooper Rush.

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