Some Interesting trends going into Commanders Game

It’s always fun to look at some trends…here are a few I found interesting.

  • How bad are the Commanders? In the last 20 regular season games, they have fallen behind 20 points or more in the first half- 7 times! Wow. So we should be up 20 at the half, lol. They were down 24-0 last week at the half vs e-girls.
  • Carson “Wince” was sacked 9 times vs Filly last week! Wince has had 53 pressures in 3 games. That’s laughable.
  • The Cowboys lead the series all time 73-47-2.
  • In the last ten seasons, Dallas is 13-7 vs Wash.
  • For the first time since 1974, the Cowboys have held their opponents to less than 20 points in their first 3 games of the season.
  • If the Cowboys hold the Commanders to less than 200 yards net passing Sunday, that will be the first time that’s happened since 1977- when that great Doomsday II defense was in place. And a season the Cowboys won it all.

Trends don’t always translate week to week. But on paper, the Cowboys are clearly better. Just need to go out and take it to this team early. If we can get up by 20 at half, it’s over, lol.

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