The Cowboys record with and without Tyron Smith

We all know what a great player Tyron Smith has been for this team. Before his injuries hit, Smith was probably headed to Canton and in my mind was absolutely the best player on this team from 2011-2016.

But his injuries have become a consistent problem. The 2015 season was the year he was healthy a complete season, and he has missed 32 games since 2016.

How important has Tyron Smith been for this team? Here are the team’s records with/without #77:

  • With Tyron Smith playing, the Cowboys are 81-63. (.563)
  • Without Tyron Smith playing, the Cowboys are 17-15. (.515)

With a healthy Tyron Smith, this team is a very good offense that can compete with anyone. Without him, it’s barely .500.

Which raises the question, Why does this front office still pretend they can get quality years out of Smith? It’s a risk that makes crystal clear the dangers of your front office having a “best case scenario” outlook instead of being prepared for what happens when he’s not here. Hey, I hope Tyron is here all season and plays great. But hope is not a strategy for winning.

Maybe they did address it with the drafting of Tyler Smith. We will see. It’s certainly one of the keys to our success this season and maybe the near future as well.

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