What if the core of this team just isn’t that great?

One of the hard parts of losing in the manner the Cowboys did Sunday is the very real possibility that what was considered the strong core of this team is probably incapable (as currently constituted) to compete seriously for a championship. And the evidence is clear- they can’t win big playoff games against the best teams in the league. That’s not an opinion. That’s based on this team’s playoff record WITH this core.

What is the core of this team? It‘s the guys this FO believes are the best players we have. The guys we would never trade or cut because of their value to the team. Here is that core:

  • Dak Prescott (8 yr vet- 2-5 playoff record)
  • Micah Parsons (3 yr vet- 1-2 in the playoffs)
  • Cedee Lamb (4 yr vet- 1-2 in the playoffs)
  • Zack Martin (11 yr vet- 3-6 in the playoffs)
  • Tyron Smith (14 yr vet- 3-6 in the playoffs)
  • DeMarcus Law (11 yr vet- 3-6 in the playoffs)
  • Tyler Smith (2 yr vet- 1-2 in the playoffs)
  • Trevon Diggs (5 yr vet)

So having all these talented players on this roster, some of which are very highly paid or are about to get bigger paydays, has amounted to 3 total playoff wins over the last 14 seasons? That’s it? These “must have” guys are so valuable as a core, we have won 3 wild card playoff games with them? With two different HCs and multiple different coordinators in some cases.

Many fans here won’t like this…but there’s a very good chance that the core of this roster- the centerpiece of talent for this team – is vastly overrated. OR…we have a front office that is incapable of finding a coaching staff that can motivate and shape this core into playoff winners. It actually could be both.

This organization will NOT look in the mirror and ask the tough question: What if the core of our team isn’t that great?

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