The Cowboys Finally Have an Identity

I know it isn't always popular around here, but just think. We've begun seasons 0-2 and gone on to win the Super Bowl. This season, thus far, we're off to a 1-1 start.

No doubt, we've got some strikes against us going into next Monday against the Giants.We had a terrible start. But since then, we've apparently implemented a few wrinkles and added a few adjustments on the offense, and it seems like we've got some things going for us as a team.

But I'd argue the most important thing we've done is establish an identity.

Regardless of our record, every team that plays us is going to understand one thing before the game: we're a tough team. No matter the quarterback, no matter the LT, no matter your WR, we can shut you down. In fact, the defense did an admirable job against Brady in the opener. Then they turned around and did it again against Burrow.

Through two games so far, we're one of the toughest defensive teams in the league right now. That's for sure. And not to take anything away from the offense, because we're also a running team even if we have struggled so far offensively. But if push comes to shove, we've actually got some big-time players in our passing game. It seems the offense has yet to gel. But gelling takes time.

Truth is, we may actually have some firepower. But we may have to wait to see its potential when Gallup returns. Lamb needs no introduction; And as Jerry called him, "no-name" Noah Brown has been playing since he was a freshman in college. He could have stayed in college and got his education. Instead, he declared for the draft as a redshirt freshman and grinded it out on the Cowboys' roster, learning football. Has played for 7 years aa minimum every year. And he's finally proving that he could really add to the team when Gallup returns. He's only 26, by the way. With his teammates banged up, he finally got the nod for the start and considerable playing time. And he's outperforming Cooper against the Bucs defense, and last year's Superbowl losers. That's an impressive storyline that's easy to root for.

Along with the defense, guys like Noah Bown give the team an identity. Throw in the fact that our return man can sneak up on you at any time, and we're not an easy team to plan for in any facet of the game.

We just beat the loser of last year's Super Bowl — nothing to shake a stick at.


Sure, but we've got an identity.

Even if we're at .500 at the bye week (I think we'll be better), this team still has a shot to put a better product on the field offensively down the line as the season goes on — if they can hold it down until some guys heal up. Either way you look at this team, regardless of our loss to the bullies from San Fran last year, we're a tough defensive team with the potential to be known for being bullies ourselves. And that bodes well for our chances at competing in our division in 2022. Whether this team has what it takes to play into 2023 has yet to be seen. But there's a saying that goes, "defense wins championships." It's not always common, but defensive teams have won trophies before. And given our offensive struggles, this defense has done more than carry more than its fair share of its weight.

It has carried the team.

But even more important, it has established an identity for the Cowboys.

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