Trent Dilfer and 13 other guys

There have been 57 Super Bowl. Thirteen QBs have been on the winning team at least twice. These same 13 have been the winning QB on 36 of the 57 (63%). Also, in 42 of the games (74%) one of these 13 have been a starting QB. Six times both of the starters in the SB have been one of the 13. Some of them have won with rosters that differed quite a lot. At least three have won with different head coaches. Two have won with completely different NFL teams.

Point is the QB matters in the NFL. They matter a lot. That is why they are paid twice as much and more as any of the other players. That is why any college QB that show potential is going to get drafted early regardless of "red flags" in their resume. Many of the draftees end up being disappointments and even "busts." But every teams management is looking for the next "real thing."

Some fans look at stats like this and respond with something like, "Look at Trent Dilfer, yuck yuck." Dilfer stand alone ability as a QB was no where near "elite." He probably is one of the least talented QBs to start a SB. But he had some positives going for him also. His Ravens had a great defense…one of the top 5 or so in the SB era. They have a very good running attack. They had a coach who for that season understood what he had and how to use it. And he had Dilfer who listened to the coaches and managed the game like he was told. He never went rogue and tried to the the super hero QB. He filled his role and was a big part of a team that was at the right time/right place and all the parts worked.

If you can get the "elite" QB then your odds of winning go up. But it can be done sometimes with a Trent Dilfer type if everything else aligns perfectly (rare IMO).

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