Strategic roster building

It’s not easy to build an NFL roster that competes for a championship. We Cowboys fans know that all too well. But it’s also doubly hard when you don’t have a clear roster building strategy.

What do I mean by “Strategic roster building”? It’s building your roster around these main ideas:

  1. What kind of roster are we tying to build? Is it to be built around speed and finesse? A big physical front 7 on D and a powerful OL than can allow us to run the ball consistently well? A short, quick passing game? Honestly, based on the last several years of offensive and defensive coordinators, I’m not sure it’s clear what kind of roster this FO is trying to build. And if your FO isn’t clear on this, there is no clear strategy.
  2. What are this team‘s personnel needs based on what we want to be? If I were in charge, I would focus on doing a “competitive rebuild”, meaning retooling the roster with our current strengths, shoring up our biggest weaknesses, and making roster decisions based on the idea that this team cannot compete without two strategic upgrades:
    • Building an outstanding running game
    • Building a bigger, physical front 7 on defense
  3. Side Note: I know at least half this board wants a new QB. That would be ok with me if we were willing to :
    • Accept a slower rebuild by either drafting a QB that despite the low odds we get lucky and he’s a home run, or hoping we could be be better with Trey Lance (a very, very long shot) This FO will accept neither.
    • When I look at changing QBs, unless there is a better option available (and right now there isn’t) we must find a way to build around Dak’s strengths and more importantly, shore up his weaknesses through a better running game and defense. I know that’s not popular here for many, but it’s the faster way to get competitive and it’s more realistic considering this owner and son.
  4. With those strategies in mind driving everything, draft and sign FAs accordingly.

Again, I know many will want a new QB. I get it. I would be in favor of that IF this organization were willing to do a slow rebuild and would be willing to roll the dice on developing a young QB. THEY AREN’T.

So we are left with the “competitive rebuild” idea. Devlop a great running game and a bigger, more physical defense. Based on wanting a faster rebuild within the bounds of being realistic, it’s the way to go. Now whether this FO is capable of being strategic in their building instead of putting together a marketing strategy remains to be seen.

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