Where is the Chip?

The last 27 years speaks for itself. I don’t need to remind Cowboys fans of what that means. But I have a couple of serious questions for the entire Cowboys organization:

  • Where is the chip on the shoulder? The last two seasons have ended in losses to the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional round. Both losses where the team clearly underperformed and did not bring their best to the most important game in their entire season.
  • Does anyone sense from the players, coaches and FO a sense of urgency or a chip on the shoulder about their lack of quality playoff performance?

Here’s my question to us as fans: Maybe I’m wrong, but for a team and organization that has clearly underperformed for decades, do these guys seem to have more determination, focus and clarity than in the past? Or do they seem a bit too self satisfied with reading their own news clippings? Does anyone sense a drive and urgency to get right what they haven’t for so long?

Jimmy Johnson has said for years that this organization is like a country club rather than a football team. He has said on numerous occasions that the players “look too comfortable” with losing.

Where is the chip?

It‘s way too early to give up on this team and I still have some optimism. They have talent and they can compete with any team when properly prepared and focused. But every time I watch this team underperform as we witnessed last Sunday, I wonder again, Where is the chip?

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