A review of our offense

Right now I think we have a decent offense but to me, it needs a bit of love in the draft and maybe one more free agent:

RB: Pollard

QB: Dak

WR: Gallup TE: Ferguson ———————————————————————WR: Lamb WR: Cooks

RT: Steele RG: Martin OC: Biadasz RG: Smith RT: Smith

We have decent players across the board in our starting 11 on paper. I have it as three "blue chip" and six "good" players with two question marks. But it’s probably stronger on paper than in reality, certainly weaker than the defense as a group. I also have some nagging question marks.

  • Can Pollard carry the no.1 workload and get it done in short-yardage situations?
  • Can Dak clean up the interceptions with a better group of receivers?
  • Can Tyron Smith remain fit…Will Steele be ready?
  • Can Ferguson progress and fill Shultz’s role after flashing last season?
  • Can Gallup return to being a good receiver or is he Terrence Williams 2.0?
  • How will we get it done in the red zone?

While I have a generally positive outlook on the above, most of the answers to these questions involve an I think/I hope element.

Rotation players:

TE: Hendershot

OG/OC: Farniok

These two have at least had some NFL snaps and looked capable of starting with natural development, but to be honest, they aren’t nearly as good as the rotation options on defense and I’ve got little trust in any of the depth beyond these two.


QB: Rush…he’s fine

RB: Davis…good enough to be RB3

WR: Tolbert, Fehoko…..not shown enough to suggest meaningful snaps are on the cards

TE: McKeon…fine as a special teams TE

OT: Walezko….showed a bit of promise. Ball…..not so much

OG: Alacon….I don’t see it

To be honest I wouldn’t be mad if we drafted one in each of the above positions in just about any order but I think if it’s me, I’d be looking at an OG/OC, RB, and TE early in the draft, with a focus on improving the RedZone offense and then QB and WR mid-late draft. Of course, we have more needs than picks because I want to address LB and DT early as well and then Free Safety later on.

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