My thoughts on the WR market

– I do believe they have every intention of getting another starting WR before the draft. That doesnt necessarily mean they will pull the trigger on anything, but I would be surprised

– I think Beckham is their top priority right now. He gives them a starting WR without using any draft assets. There are some things that can go wrong, like price and the Jets with Rodgers

– Right now I have Hopkins as more like than Cooks because Hopkins is apparently willing to re do his deal to facilitate a trade. They tried to trade for Cooks at the deadline, but the ask was a first. That right there is a big reason why I think Hopkins would be more likely. Anything more than a 3rd for Cooks is too rich IMO. Cooks is a guy Im not betting on, because I dont see the ask dropping to Dallas’s comfortable level.

-Jeudy isnt happening. Word is Denver is open to trading their WR’s if they get the right offer, but are more than comfortable holding. That lines up with a 1st round ask for Jeudy. They arent coming down from that. Sutton however could be more a possibility. I think the ask for him would be a day 3 pick. His contract will have to get redone. If all else fails I can Sutton being their last ditch opportunity to add a starting WR. He probably isnt any better than Gallup, but he is probably equivalent to pre injury Gallup.

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