Since the Denver game last year the Cowboys are 6-6

In the wreckage of that putrid performance last night, I was curious to get a big picture look at how this team has performed since the Denver Broncos put the defensive clamps on the Cowboys last year. This team has been pretty mediocre-or worse- ever since.

Starting with that Denver game last year, through the playoff loss to the niners, and that junk last night, the Cowboys are 6-6. And the six wins they had were:

  • Wash twice (2)
  • The midgets (1)
  • The falcons (1)
  • The aints (1)
  • The eagles (1)

Of those teams, only the 9-8 eagles made the playoffs last year and the saints were the only other team with a “winning record” also at 9-8.

Meanwhile the teams that have beaten us in that same stretch were:

  • The broncos (1)
  • The chiefs (1)
  • The raiders (1)
  • The cards (1)
  • The niners (1- last year's wild card game)
  • The Bucs (1)

In other words the good teams whipped us. Only the broncos were bad and they killed us. The rest were playoff teams with good records.

Many NFL pundits told us all off-season this team had taken a step back. But maybe this team wasn’t as good as 12-5 suggested last year.

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