Should Dak Prescott be paid the up and coming contract?

That is a valid question…to approach an individual’s specific case to judge value, which is where the above question rests, a team; fan; or media needs to first approach the dynamics and function of the motivational role in today’s NFL.

Out of sight, but still a directional indicator…why is Dallas just now approaching the second most important scoring position, in the kicker? First off, to develop a dynamic team requires respecting the dynamics for building and retaining a unit group. Team building that respects underlying respect for the team.

Knowledge of maintaining dominance in score, yardage gained, and time of possession affect every single game by a team. Those abilities have to be trained and enforced over time. That is boiled down to being a part of a team and commitment on all levels to just that…giving all to that team in entirety and focus. A player who is sacrificing for team principals in reality and not just money and commercials, or a part of also being in a rock group … team football.

The face of any team is it’s quarterback. He doesn’t have to be the greatest thrower on the block, or even the luckiest and who should just live in Vegas. What he has to be able to do, is consistantly come out with more points than his opponent to win a game. This may be the very highest and league wide average of scoring in a game…say 29+ points a game. It could also be established with a defense that allows only about 19+ a game and it’s quarterback pushing across 20+ points average per game. That still produces a win, but supports team pride as well as internal respect and sacrifices.

The three phases in a game are offensive, defenses, and special teams. The defensive side is what I was approaching with my OP about Parsons. I wasn’t attacking him, but pointing to where he has to grow into to maximize the dominance of the defensive unit and it’s role in limiting a game to game ability to shut scoring down to league leading lows in average allowed per game. Just how much Parsons is paid next season, will depend upon just how well this current Dallas Cowboys defense leave indicators on the field on how good it really could become. He is a very talented and currently producing strongly. Just how high on the top end of the scale that he goes, will in some way reflect team success. That is the top of the defensive side of the ball with it’s actual leader, not just the vocal motivator. Ideally that should be one in the same and a very high level of pecking order money. We are talking about a NFL expectation level of about $35 M per season. He isn’t even the top team influencer as to salary and team expectations.

Dallas has now invested in a good snapper, return man, field goal kicker, and punter.

But this points to levels of expectation even if a QB doesn’t possess the fastest gun in the West. All teams have expectation as well as team directional expectations – all directed at winning the fastest way possible. The quarterback is the top face of the organization, that is just the nature of the game in the NFL sporting world in today’s world wide sporting venue. Large revenues are involved and the Dallas Cowboys, owned by Jerry Jones, is at the top of that view and being judged by the entire sporting world eye. He is at the very top, but is subject as well by the ‘fickled’ nature built into the game that encourages momento changing plays each and every game played. The other team changing event in a confrontational sport are the many injuries that happen. Jerry still has to hook his team of horses to the wagon having the greatest load carrying capacity available for a load in view by the entire world’s sporting arena. That also comes with the neighborhood as well!

Despite all those problems one has to project his team to be led by a quarterback who figures strongly in maintaining point differentials against all opponents…all of them.

When a team is unable to maintain the point differential through the playoffs, other teams are not stupid. They figure out what it is that is wrong, and pick it apart.

That is what was shown as a problem with Moore. Plain and simple. Last season, Stephen had to make cap management choices that are coming up now with a top receiver, cornerback, and defensive end influence as well as include the strong leadership of Dak Prescott. That was a plateful. That said, the Cowboys were a 12 win team two straight years. That is a very strong statement for Jerry, the coaches now in place, and players on the team.

If Jerry up and wouldn’t pay his team leader with that strong a team presence now, what message would that then send to the team…right now? From that point forward, it would be very evident to the entire team; other teams; and Prescott that he no longer had their combined as well as team faith in him. Would that affect team results from that point forward?

You bet it would and then would be not much more than a drama machine for many of the more vocal team complainers.

That isn’t what Jerry will allow nor should he. His team is very strong now and deserves full support, not like when Jimmy Johnson aborted an entire team and then sent them down stream. Jerry this or not, Jimmy destroyed what was built and injury and free agency changed a top of league offensive line. He abandoned his team.

That is now part of the game that even the Cowboys had to learn how to manage during times of great cash increases still going on, player management and cap.

As fans, we need to truly understand the real nature of the beast and it has game introduced failure making elements for ANY single game. There is also some luck involved in the game of football. Dominance still wins, but management is by tendencies.

As to Dak Prescott, don’t use him as a whipping boy, which immediately shows a poor class for fans, but also not understanding except for a single season directed at winning it all. Good in the sport of football has been established with Prescott, and the team has been taken to the playoffs by him on two consecutive seasons.

Prescott has been a league wide very strong producer, not a full group of receivers or not, for two seasons. That is not a fluke. Now a team has to support the top team producer with such a view of success. Positional problems have been added to, to improve the ratios involved with time of possessions as well as per game point differentials. The team could conceivably be the very top or at least top 5 teams on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. A team still has to overcome negative situations. Prescott has shown an ability to overcome…no one is able to overcome always in a game. That is just the nature of playing at any point.

Without hesitation, Jerry should support his leader and quarterback, now. That is being responsible and betting on and supporting your own team of players that are currently top 3 in the NFC. To do anything other than that is purely irresponsible, which is not a trait of the Dallas Cowboys or Jerry Jones.

If a fan refuses to acknowledge or understand those realities, he should shut up and just leave…he is not much more than a problem to other fans and an insult.

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