Changing the System

I was watching a documentary on Michael Jordan, who was a prolific scorer from 1984-1990. But the knock on Michael was he could put up great stats, but couldn’t win in the playoffs. Along comes coach Phil Jackson and he changed the “system” from pick and roll, plus isolation offense to the triangle offense that won Phil Jackson 9 rings and gave him three 3-peat championship teams, two with Jordan and Pippen in Chicago, and another with Shaq and Kobe in Los Angeles. Jackson won 9 championships in 13 seasons, making his triangle system perhaps the best in NBA history.

In the NFL, by far the most successful system for winning championships has included the concepts of the West Coast offense, a system of which Mike McCarthy is a disciple, and with which he himself has already won a championship. The Jones family initially prohibited McCarthy from implementing the WCO in Dallas, which never in the long 63 season history of the team, has incorporated the Weat Coast Offense. The Jones family have been dedicated to the Air Coryell type system that won them 3 championships in the mid 1990’s.

But with the firing of Kellen Moore, that has changed. The implementation of the Weat Coast offense style is not only going to affect Dak Prescott. It will change the offense for the entire team. Receiver routes will change, running back assignments will change, and blocking assignments will change (a big reason Schoonmaker was the 2nd round pick.)

The is no guarantee this will work. But we all know that the system that Garrett and then Moore in Dallas since 2007 hasn’t worked out either. But perhaps a system change can do for the Cowboys what it did for the 90’s Bulls, and the 2000’s Lakers. Perhaps implementing the West Coast offense concepts into to Cowboys offense can change them from a team that piles up great offensive stats (like both Romo and Dak have had at QB, Murray and Elliott have had at RB, Dez, Amari and CeeDee have had at WR, and Witten at TE) into a team prepared to win championships instead.


It’s worth a shot, anyway.

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