A date of 12-12-22 looks pretty good in a Cowboys light.

Yes, please I'll take two Roger Staubachs and 1 Emmett Smith.

The Dallas Cowboys over/under for the season was 10.5 wins. Dallas hit 10 yesterday. With 4 games to go.

If Dan Quinn moves on and Lovie Smith gets fired I wouldn't mind Smith as the replacement DC.

The RT situation is a bit worrisome, but it feels like having the world's biggest elf on the shelf is going to pay off in a week or so when Tyron returns.

Does Dallas have the best RB situation in the NFL? 18 Rushing TDs and 21 total TDs is salty stuff.

Lost in all the frets over the struggle versus the Texans was just how appealing a matchup with the Bucs might be in the playoffs. Good weather locale and really dead in water team.

A Bye week is better for chances to advance but as a fan getting a playoff win, any playoff win, means a lot to me. And potentially ending Tom Brady's career by handing him an L finally??

14 weeks into an NFL season it is all about survive and advance. Trainers and med staff will play a big role in this finish.

I'm going to enjoy this team. It is a very talented group that has fought through tons of adversity this year.

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