State of the Cowboys: bye Week

Dallas spent the off-season finally pushing the chips to the middle.

They added Gilmore and Cooks to bolster a playoff team.

As we sit entering week 7 and the team’s Bye, they are basically where they were last year.

Outside of the elites but in the next tier.

SF, KC, Buff and MIA look like elites to me. Those teams are all +59 points or better on the season. So basically, averaging a 10-point win.

PHI, DET, DAL, BALT, JAX all look like a clear next tier. Flaws but still enough talent to win most weeks. JAX is only +20 so a bit shaky on this tier but 3 straight wins and a W over Buffalo gets them the nod.

DAL is pretty firmly in this tier.

Coaching: Dan Quinn is once again tossing gems as DC. Arizona and SF found ways to challenge this defense, but injuries mid-week mentally shook the team versus ARI and SF is simply more talented when they are fully healthy.

Offensively, it has been Back to the Future. Stale scheme seems a bit of an issue versus quality opponents. WRs aren’t readily open and the run blocking scheme is very dated. The offense can really use this BYE week to tweak things.

Since CeeDee can win on most routes this team should have Cooks in motion A LOT.

Run fits have to improve to the point where we aren’t just giving away first downs with runs of 2 yards or less.


QB: Dak has been fine all but the YOLO stuff after down 21 at SF was full on Monty Python. He doesn’t look settled in this new offense, but he’s played well enough to have Dallas on that 2nd tier and his last game was easily his best of the season. He needs to protect himself and find a few more answers in this scheme that don’t require getting hit to make a play.

RB: TP is a quality back and has both blocked and caught it at elite levels. The running has just dipped down as he takes more snaps and wear.

Dowdle runs hard but occasionally looks lost. Dowdle and Vaughn each grade massively into negatives for pass pro by PFF. Could use a quality vet RB IMO. Yes, I’d be fine with trade for Zeke on his current contract. But no he isn’t the best talent available. Connor or Henry would be ideal if contract and compensation can be settled.

WR: Closer to league average than anyone would have expected. Cooks was banged up early and been slow to get going. Gallup is no longer a deep threat and he isn’t making tough catches. WR1, WR2, WR3 and WR4 are pretty clearly set in their roles and not outplaying those standards yet. Some help from the offense could change that.

TE: Ferguson is a good player, but Dallas has nothing behind him, and he gets pounded. Bottom 10 group easily and perhaps bottom 5. Really need Schoon to step up from awful to below average. Anyone with a pulse would help here. Wonder how mad Ertz is at Philly?

OL; Getting healthier finally but there is some age and the OC is playing hurt. Group is battling and doing fine most weeks but they are not elite. Would love 1 more starter level guy so would the rest of the league.

DL: A++. Enough said there.

LB: Very solid. Can struggle with power runners but has speed and is building depth enough to overcome LVE neck woes.

S: Mid. Been a step back season at Safety. Dono was injured and slow out of gate. Kearse was pressing trying to make miracles happen. Lots of talent here but needs to meet last year’s form.

CB: Was a top 5 group with Diggs but loses a lot in his absence. Bland is capable but also beatable when playing top outside WR. Lewis is tough but he doesn’t need to cover long routes. Gilmore is a savvy vet that is making plays.

ST: Turpin has to catch the ball. Kicker has been nails. Solid overall group.

Schedule: Dallas December sched looks very nasty. Eagles, Bills, Dolphins, Lions is tough sledding.

But outside that stretch the games are pretty winnable. The 6 games prior to December are Rams, Eagles, Giants, Panthers, Commodes, Seahawks.

Definitely should be in good shape for a playoff spot entering that nasty December stretch.

With two weeks to go until the trade deadline and some glaring weaknesses it would be ideal to add some talent during the BYE. Send the message we are all in and plug some holes. McCarthy’s offense really requires better TE and RB play than what are getting. When those positions fell off in GB they struggled even with ARod at the helm.

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