I guarantee the Cowboys beat the Eagles on Xmas Eve

As Charles Barkley says…I GUARANTEE the Cowboys beat the Eagles on Xmas Eve.

Minshew will be seeing ghosts long after this game with Parsons at the forefront of his mind.

I genuinely think the illness around the team has caused issues in recent weeks. We saw what happened to Washington last season when their roster was recovering from covid and the Vikings were out on their feet after a short week against the Cowboys. When players lack juice the level is so high in this league that it shows up in a big way. The illness should have really passed through by now so I’m expected a more sustained showing from the roster.

Watching Dak Prescott play at QB is like going on a roller coster. He’s inconsistent but I think he cleans it up tomorrow and plays a tidy, efficient game. For me the pressure is off him with Hurts not playing. Had Hurts played and the Eagles won then some people would have been asking why didn’t the Cowboys draft him in the second round and rode the rookie contract. Minshew is one of the better back ups in the league but let’s have it right, he isn’t Jalen Hurts and people need to put some respect on his name.

I think the Eagles will hide a lot of their real gameplan in case the two teams meet in the post season. This will more of an informative exercise for them.

Finally there isn’t really any pressure on the Cowboys as the 5th seed is pretty much set in stone regardless.

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