Well Gentlemen, It’s Time To Return To Being Fans Again

As a youth, I recall rooting for the Bishop Badgers back when Ronny Bull was in High School there. He later went on to Baylor as an All American and then to the Chicago Bears and was Rookie of the Year following Mike Ditka’s ROY. I recalled the entire stands yelling and screaming their heads off rooting for the high school team playing. That stayed with those fans, even when, they didn’t quite make it past Regionals each year.

That sense of being a fan stuck with me and in my own heart. I learned loyalty to the University of Texas and local Texas A&I, where Sid Blanks played and was the first pick ever by the Houston Oilers. But Dallas and the Cowboys were the first NFL team in Texas. I was then loyal to them…from the heart,

Not in what they had done to make me a ‘smart’ fan and benefiting from their glory or achievements. I loved our football for what it was! It brought my heart pride. It still does and that doesn’t need a ton of grafitti for me to have that.

We also might make a real difference by just being that, a fan, and helping our team turn the final corner and reward it’s fans!

If we don’t water with our words, that love of just being a fan…well, he lose that. Our mind is at our use, not the other way around and we are bound by it.

Water respect, and it is human nature to respond to what it is given. Everyone, we here are Cowboys fans. Show it and regularly give that to other fans, and not just insult, disrespect, as well as letting down our favorite team.

You want a winner, root for them and help them come just that.

That’s the law for honor. We as Americans, should have an abundance of just that…honor!

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