Remaining FA needs and who I think would be the best players to address this

Going into the offseason, the needs that I felt the Cowboys had were the following: NT, WR, CB, S, LB, Guard, K, RB, and backup QB.

We’ve addressed CB with Gilmore, WR with Cooks, LB with LVE (though Wagner would be the cherry on top as well), backup QB (Cooper Rush), and S (Kearse). The remaining needs, as I see it, are NT, Guard, K, & RB. I have kicker because I think Maher needs competition and him missing XPs contributed to our early edit. The good news is, I think these can be addressed in the draft.

The NTs I think can be addressed in the draft. The players in this situation that I’d like are Siaki Ika from Baylor, Mazi Smith from Michigan, Broderic Martin from Western Kentucky, or Jerrod Clark from Coastal Carolina. I’d also be happy with Colburn of Texas. I think these NTs would be able to help our defence be secured against the run. I think we are going to be fantastic against the pass. Having a NT or two (I’d prefer drafting two of these for rotational purposes) can make running the ball against us very difficult. Plus, having a massive NT can help us defend against the Hurts sneak.

I think the guards that I’d like include Steve Avila in round 2 from TCU or Zavala from NC State in round 5. I’d also happily take O’Cyrus Torrence from Florida in round 1. I think guard is a position that we can get in rounds 2 or later because I see Tyron starting at LT and Tyler at LG. However, Tyron is going to probably get injured during the season. So, having a guard taken from round 2 or later means that Tyler can be moved to LT and were prepared for it with a guard who can step in immediately.

The RBs I’d like are Bijan Robinson, Tank Bigsby, or McBride. These will help us replace Zeke.

Finally, at kicker. Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you all with the Japanese kickers this time. I think I’d draft Noah Ruggles from Ohio State in round 5 or Jake Moody in round 7. I’d also possibly sign Chad Ryland from Maryland. I think one of these three kickers can be useful competition or replacements for Maher.

I think these should be the positions of priority. I think that, if we address these positions with these players, I think this team will have the biggest holes in the team filled with high quality players. This means, assuming the team stays relatively healthy, the team should be able to compete for the Super Bowl.

I suppose on a sidenote, I’d also probably draft either Hooker in round 2 or one of 3 QBs later in the draft as rookies who can be groomed to possibly take over at starting QB or become trade bait (ideally) for extra draft picks later. The other QBs being Clayton Tune from Houston, Dorian Thompson-Robinson of UCLA, or Maxx Duggan of TCU. I think these QBs could compete to possibly take over some day or be traded for a nice haul of draft picks.

What say you all? Am I missing anything?

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