Here’s what I’d like to see them do the rest of FA

The most obvious for me is finding a freaking DT. Geezus their blindspot to that position is mindnumbing. But I suspect they don’t really care about the position all that much and will wait awhile and see what cheap bodies they can grab a week from now. I hate it but it is what it is. Getting Hankins back and then adding a guy like Robinson would be ideal at this point. I see nothing that would lead me to believe they have any interest in any of the few remaining decent DTs in FA.

Go get a vet TB. There are some good ones out there that can be pretty cheap. Yes, Pollard is likely the guy but having a quality vet backup would be pretty smart IMO, especially if Pollard takes time to get his feet under him (like Gallup). It also buys you insurance heading into the draft as you don’t have to force a TB pick. The position is deep so if you have a vet already behind Pollard, you can just see what comes to you in the draft. I am afraid with what they are doing, they are considering using a first round pick on Gibbs or Robinson.

Assuming Fowler gets signed, I’d look for a vet LB. No, Wagner is a pipe dream although that would be awesome. But LVE, as decently as he played last year, is still an injury risk. Behind him are all inexperienced guys. Bad LB play could derail this defense.

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