49ers more deserving than Cowboys

This will be the 49ers 3rd NFC Championship game in 4 years . No doubt the more proven and established team in recent years than the Cowboys.

And they have won 12 games in a row now rolling with 7 games in a row since Purdy took over after Jimmy G went down.

They have the #1 defense in the NFL and Star talent at the key positions on offense . Only weakness or question mark is a Rookie QB who was last pick in the draft.

No Rookie QB has ever won the Super Bowl but the 49ers are a seasoned veteran playoff and championship caliber roster .

Something the Cowboys haven’t accomplished in recent years despite having a roster which has been in the playoffs. But not consistently and without much proven success.

Hopefully the Cowboys after making the playoffs in back to back seasons for only the second time in 21st Century and first since 2006-2007 will begin a more consistent playoff run. We did win our first road playoff game since 1992 which is one hurdle or monkey to get off of our back.

The next and probably greatest Monkey on our back is overcoming 7 straight Divisional Round losses, the longest in NFL history. And until we do we will not be considered a playoff team expected to go deeper or further into the playoffs .

The good news is the more consistent a playoff team you become with more consecutive appearances and more wins in playoffs then you can begin to raise your expectations while also increasing your chances of finally knocking the door down.

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