Problems upon problems

Prescott’s injury, as expected, pushed several of the other problems, and just as pressing, to the background.

The trenches were flat whipped last night on both sides of the ball. Looks like the alarm going off on TB’s OL issues was a false one. The Cowboys OL is still a work in progress, if it progresses at all. The DL was handled all night by a no name TB OL, missing their LT early in the game.

It is difficult to evaluate the WR corps because the QB had one of his worst games in his career and had the deer in the headlights look for most of the game. I heard some boos from the crowd on that one really bad pass.

The play calling, on both sides of the ball, was poor. And these two coaches are what the team has to depend on to just go .500 for the next 6-8 games.

It is still too early to call but the other 3 East teams played as teams much better than Cowboys did last night. Now, they have to come together with an OL worse than they started last night and their leader not on the field.

The only way to stay afloat is to run the ball and stop the run. And Quinn needs to impress on his star that stopping the run is more important than getting sacks.

Any NFL team that cannot stop the run cannot be successful. The run beat them in the last two games which isn’t so bad until you consider those two games were eight months apart and they had that long to solve that problem.

Problems need solutions and that might just be the major problem.

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