Still too early to predict what any team is

It has never been more true- the NFL is the most unpredictable league in sports. It’s only week 3, and there a have already been multiple surprises and upsets. Just when we think we know what these teams are, we have reminders like yesterday, we don’t.

Some quick examples- How many of us expected this to start the NFL year?

  • Jaguars leading the AFC South at 2-1
  • Undefeated Miami leads the AFC East 3-0 after beating the bills yesterday.
  • The undefeated teams so far are Miami, Filly, and the midgets (hopefully that changes tonight) Who would have predicted that to start the season?
  • Scoring is way down to start the 2022 season but the lions are averaging 31 ppg.

And going into game 3 tonight against the nyg, the Cowboys are still a great mystery. These questions still remain:

  • Will the running game return to being effective?
  • Can the defense show consistency?
  • Can Cooper Rush continue to play well enough to get a win?
  • Will the WRs show improvement as a group?
  • Will Michael Gallup’s return this evening make an immediate difference?

Nothing surprises me anymore in the NFL. I expect the Cowboys to win tonight but Mon night games on the road are usually a roller coaster ride. Dallas has more talent but the margin isn’t as big as it used to be.

Still too early in the season to know what any team is yet.

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