Hope vs Belief

Question I’ve been pondering: Do I have faith in this team? My honest answer- No I do not. Second question- Do I have hope for this team? Yes I do.

And I will be thrilled if this team wins at least two playoff games this year and at least make it to an NFC championship game. But…until the Cowboys get the 27 year old monkey off their collective backs, it’s completely understandable why much of our fan base are not yet buying in. In fact, here’s a list of things I do believe strongly:

  • Until this team proves otherwise, they remain what they have been for quite a while. A good but not great team. I really hope they prove me wrong this coming January.
  • You can’t create believers until you’ve proven you’ve done something outside the norm. The norm for this team in the 21st century is to flirt with being good but folding when it matters most. They’ve done it over and over. Until they crack that glass wall, there won’t be much belief.
  • I don’t fault anyone who believes or doesn’t believe. It’s all part of being a Cowboys fan. But I can say emphatically that I believe this: You are what you have been until you prove it otherwise.

There’s a very fine line between faith and hope. I will believe this team is headed for greatness when they do it. That’s what the last 27 years have led me to believe. I still have hope. There are some signs for hope. But I will become a believer when it happens.

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