Why I think the team should switch to a 3-4

I think switching to a more through hybrid/proper 3-4 may be smart for the defence. They're built for it imo. I'd have, just picturing it in my head, Gallimore or Osa rotating, John Ridgeway or Bohanna, and Tank Lawrence on the Dline. Then I'd have Sam Williams on one end and Parsons on the other end of LB, we'd then have LVE and Cox at the interior LB position.

I think this may be a deadly way to deal with those two. Firstly, having that Dline lineup means the oline can't really try to double team anyone for starters because those dlinemen are very strong pass rushers in their own right. Secondly, they're also very good run stoppers, and they are very good (especially Ridgeway) at being able to push the oline back as he swallows the blocks making the RB have to hesitate. This would allow LVE and Cox to get him down on the backfield. As for the pass bit, even if the oline wanted to try to double team, they can't. Double team Parsons or LVE, and the other basically has free run at the QB and are men on a mission. Also, the defence seems to be built to handle more of the 3-4 with the players we have.

At least in my head, the way I see it is the players I mentioned would make it incredibly difficult for the QB to get the pass off, and it'll make stopping the run easier because of the personnel on the field. Furthermore, it allows a bit more ease for Sam Williams to rush the passer. Sort of like having a Charles Haley and a DWare both going at the QB at the same time. The secondary's job would be much easier.

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