Players the Cowboys should sign instead of Hopkins

I know Hopkins is a hot topic, but we have other needs. So, using, let’s look at 5 players the Cowboys should sign:

  1. Dalton Risner (Guard) – Dalton Risner was last playing with the Broncos. He’s a solid guard. Given the fact that it sounds as if there may be an issue with Steele being ready for camp, bringing in Risner should be a priority (along with getting the Diggs and Lamb deals done). Yes, he’s a guard, but Risner would mean that he can be plugged in at LG while Steele takes LT and Smith takes RT. He’d give us an experienced guard. Him and Egoda would make good depth at guard.
  2. Ronald Darby (CB) – . It appears that the Cowboys may want another CB. Well, why not Darby? He’s a bit of a journeyman, but he’d give us depth at CB and has decent numbers. Plus, his age isn’t too bad for a DB.
  3. Taylor Lewan (OT) – . Yes, I know, this is another olineman. And yes, I like Asim Richards. However, I don’t trust Ball. I think Waletzco seems decent, but Lewan would provide quality depth at tackle. With Tyron Smith’s injury history, Lewan would be a smart signing for the Cowboys. If Tyron goes down, then Lewan could step in straight away. Probably wouldn’t cost much, and 32 isn’t a bad age for a tackle.
  4. Kenyan Drake (RB) – . We could use RB depth, and Drake isn’t a bad depth option. I’d chuck in a vet min deal with incentives, if I were the FO, and see if I can’t get him in to compete for a spot at RB. He’s usually solid.
  5. Carl Nassib (DE) – . I know we have a lot of Dline, but a bit more depth at Oline could be good. Plus, he was decent with the Bucs last year. He’d be a nice cheap option to kick the tires on and see how he handles camp with us. I think he’s someone who I think Quinn would enjoy using as a pass rusher.

Bonus player:

– Rashaan Evans (LB) – ( we could use LB depth, and I think Evans would be good depth.

So yes, I think these would be cost-effective and cost efficient signings that would give our team depth in areas that we need and/or could use depth.

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