Why an elite nose guard is almost as important as an elite QB

Having an elite nose guard is almost as important as having an elite QB. Okay, I know you probably think I've got a football mind made up of a bowl of mashed potatoes, but hear me out.

An elite nose guard not only shuts down your opposing running game, but it also shuts down the opposing QB as well as opening opportunities for the rest of the defence. While an elite QB can pass the WRs open and all, an elite nose guard allows your Lbs to have a free run at the QB on blitzes, prevents the QB from stepping up in the pocket allowing outside rushers the ability to take him down like lions (looking at you Micah Parsons) taking down their prey. The running back won't have any holes, and, if the QB dares to throw, he'll have substantially less time than normal. Yes, the elite nose guard won't get the sacks and all that look pretty, but they are the engine that makes the defence deadly. They make the difference between the Doomsday Defense and a very good defence.

Here's another thing. An elite QB can win you regular season games and help you win in the playoffs. An elite nose guard wins you road playoff games and Super Bowls. Look at the Rams. Yes, Donald gets the credit with his sacks. But, he needs the help of his nose guard to do that. Want Parsons to become the next DWare, Ray Lewis, Randy White, etc? Get a top/elite nose guard.

This is why, in my mind, it's important that Ridgeway be developed into such a nose guard. If this happens, this defence can cross into the elite caliber. This results in the defence being able to be so deadly that being able to move the ball on them is like trying to move Mount Everest from it's base. Essentially, QBs help put up the points, elite nose guards keep the other team at 0.

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