Overcoming History

History is a stubborn thing. It’s hard not to ignore two and a half decades of evidence. My favorite team in the entire decade of the 70s and most of the 90s were as dependable as a clock tower when it came to Divisional titles, playoff wins, conference championship games and even SBs.

That was in the 20th century.

Here’s some team history of the last quarter century that must be overcome for this team to have a successful 2022:

  • They haven’t won back to back division titles since 95-96.
  • They haven’t had back to back double digit win seasons since 95-96.
  • They haven’t made the playoffs in back to back seasons since 2006-07.
  • Here’s a real stumper- the Cowboys haven’t won a road playoff game since the 1992 NFC Championship at SF!
  • The last Cowboys head coach to coach a team to back to back playoff seasons? Chan Gailey 1998-99. (Landry did numerous times 67-85, Jimmy did 91-93, Barry did it 94-96, then Gailey- that’s it)

Looking at the 2022 Cowboys roster- If I’m being objective without the fan glasses on, I cannot honestly say this team is as good or better than last year. Certainly hope I’m wrong and will celebrate if the Cowboys finally break out of these historical trends. I see something like 9-8 this year with possible WC playoff opportunity.

If Tyler Smith develops quickly…if Jason Peters can be effective…if Zack Martin stays healthy and dominant…if the defense takes another step forward…if Micah Parsons is even better than last year…if our kicker is dependable in big moments…if Kellen Moore proves he can adjust to DCs throwing wrinkles…if Dak stays healthy and plays at a high level…if the team cuts down on penalties….

Lot of ifs. But hope is always a good thing.

Here’s hoping we break some shackles of history this season! GO COWBOYS!

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