How do we feel?

Everybody, including me was bummed out when the big dog went down. The FO responded by getting a gamble. He is 40 but played at a very good level last year for 15 games. More games than perhaps Tyron would have played.

Have not heard specifics on the contract yet. But hoping it’s cheap for 2 years. And also hope (this sounds strange but) that it’s not Tyrons last year. I would like for him to restructure his contract realizing he is older and perhaps take a pay cut on his own and stay with the team. When healthy he is top in the league. If we can use both Tyron and Peters through out the year and Tyler gets to learn and get good at LT and LG then it helps.

I know it’s alot to ask for. If Tyler can play LT and we get Peters eased in we will have a solid left side. Run run run the ball. Now if we made the playoffs and have Tyron and Tyler and Peters then oh snap. Peters can play most positions. Sounds like center maybe our weak spot. Unless he has improved.

What do y’all think. All haters welcome. Lol. Well your gonna post anyways..

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