Time to get real!

I think it is safe to say that it has been a long off-season for all of us. The result of the playoff game against the 49ers might have been the worst feeling we've had this side of "a knee to Tony Romo's back" in the 2016 pre-season game against the Seahawks. (In recent times)

With that said, a lot has happened (or not happened) this offseason. It's really elusive to judge how this off season has gone. The team lost 2 or 3 starters on offense including a receiver that I think generally scared the bejesus out of opposing defenses, a starting caliber O-lineman, flawed for sure but when in shape he was capable… Then we get the terrible YouTube videos of Tyron Smith going down on a seemingly mild play and hear that his "hamstring ripped from his bone", made everyone shutter. Injuries happen but DAMN. No one wanted THAT. We all know he was going to be out 4 or 5 games but that was just brutal.

Once the dust cleared, 99.9% of all fans realized…wow, the Front Office is really in question. They pinned all hopes on Tyron Smith staying healthy and drafting Tyler Smith to bolster the line. Good idea BUT…cheap and not realistic. There was absolutely no plan-B after that. Am I the only one that finds that insane as hell?

I think it took a a couple hours hilariously, but Cap Boy and his Dad realized their mistake pretty fast. They were on the phone for sure.

Enter…Jason Peters.40 year old guy that had a good season with the Bears last year. Started 15 games and his YouTube film and PFF scores were something we could only dream of after seeing the video of Tyron going down. Let's hope it goes like that after a couple games.

Many today are trying to give the "Jones boys" all the credit but I am thinking, why weren't they shaking trees in the off-season to bring in a known commodity or two for the OL? They knew they didn't want Collins, they knew they were going to draft a guy and they absolutely knew that Tyron Smith has been injured for some part of the season for 3 years straight! Didn't they?!! Crazyness.

Well here we are.Tom Brady is coming to town Sunday night. He's one of the best to ever do it. He and his team have their own issues but the great ones can always compartmentalize. That's what they do.

We are again stuck with a team that we aren't sure about.

Will last ditch "Flex-Tape" level moves be enough? Will a well coached and up & coming defense be enough?

I do like Defense…

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