Dak was World Class today and what it means

Dak Prescott was World Class today. Not only in terms of the scores, but he had numerous World Class throws. I'll give you all 3 examples of his World Class throws.

The first example that I'll provide was the ball to Lamb before halftime that set up the 60 yard kick. It was world class because it was in a spot where only Lamb could get it in a spot where we needed a lot of yards. Oh, and if that weren't enough, Dak was on the run. Should add that Lamb's catch was world class too.

The second example that I'll use was the ball to Pollard on 3rd and a long way. If we punted there, we could've let the Vikings back in the game. But, Dak not only throws for a first down, but it proved.to be the killshot. Often times, we hear complaints about how we rarely go for the kill. That was going for the kill, and it basically secured momentum with us for the rest of the game.

The third example was the ball to Noah Brown. This was one where we could've been kicking another long field goal if it didn't work, and it was another long yardage pass. It was a tight window to fit the ball through. Yet, it was a perfect pass that ultimately led to another TD as we proceeded to continue the demolition of Minnesota.

That was a World Class game from Dak. Well done by Dak. Now it's onto the Giants. Now Dak needs to continue that next week. We are currently tied with the Giants for second on tie breakers from our week 3 matchup. A win puts distance and the full head to head lead over NY. With the Colts, Texans, and Jaguars next, that should help us get ourselves into the playoffs with at least a second place finished and playing the 4th seed. Also, a win puts us potentially in striking distance of Philly, and gives us a 3-1 division record should we win. That would equalise us with Philly. This means, should we beat them on Christmas Eve, we would take the divisional record lead on them, especially if they split their series with NY. So, should we be even with them, we could possibly be at least in the second seed and maybe the first seed if we are tied with Minnesota at the end.

In essence, our win today with Dak's performance just put the top seed back on the radar for us. It was a World Class win exactly when we needed a World Class victory.

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